View of 3 black, reddish orange butterflies with some white markings all resting on the green flowers of an Ivy plant.

Red Admirals. Photo: Shona Refoy

View of black and reddish orange butterfly with some white wings markings whilst resting on greyish white Old Man's Beard plant.

Red Admiral. Photo: Shona Refoy


Shona has sent us these two photos she took on 19/10/2019 of some of the Red Admirals she saw as she walked up the path to Badbury Rings. She tells us that she saw a total of 31 Red Admirals, mostly nectaring on Ivy but when it clouded over most of them disappeared. The first photo shows three of them nectaring on Ivy when the sun had just gone in and the second photo shows one sitting on an Old Man’s Beard plant – looks very Autumnal.

Almost all of the recent photos of Red Admirals sent in recently show them nectaring on Ivy reinforcing the importance of the plant for butterflies.

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