Long-tailed Blues breeding in Dorset

Small blue-grey butterfly on a purple flower
Long-tailed Blue second brood. Photo; Clive Randall

This small blue butterfly with ‘tails’ to its hindwings is rarely seen in the UK, but there have been a number of UK sightings this year, including ten in Dorset. We have now had news of the butterfly having bred in a garden in Parkstone, Poole. Bill Shreeves, our Records Officer, tells us:

News has just reached me (19/09/2019) from Clive Randall of a very new Long-tailed Blue from his garden in Parkstone. I understand that some have also been seen  in Sussex, so am very sure that this was the offspring of earlier migrants into Dorset.

This takes the Dorset total for this year to 10, but hopefully we may yet do better. In the earlier Sussex migration years the number of 2nd brood sightings far exceeded the number of the earlier migrants.

Clive is not aware of any Everlasting  Sweet Pea plants in or around his garden in Parkstone but I still think it is a good idea for people to look out for them as well as the butterflies especially while this spell of good weather lasts.

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