Painted Ladies all over

Orange, black and white butterfly on a bright pink buddleia flower
Painted Lady. Photo: Kevin Darling-Finan

We are receiving a huge number of sightings of this migratory species.

Over the ten days 11-20 August, we have had 85 reports telling us of a total of 619 butterflies: an average of over 7 per sighting. You can see the range over which they have been seen by looking at the ‘Record Details’ on our Recent Sightings page.

Painted Lady sightings chart

Chart showing recent Painted Lady sightings compared to other species

It shows that the only species of which we have had more reports is the Meadow Brown, and that only totals 627, though we suspect people are more likely to report the uncommon Painted Lady than the very common Meadow Brown.

Charts showing Painted Lady numbers

Charts showing reports of Painted Lady butterflies

You can learn more about the Painted Lady on our species page for it.

Kevin spotted nine Painted Ladies, including the one in the photo, on a buddleia in Sherborne on 18/08/2019.

Those here now could breed, so we may see more yet – keep your records, and photos, coming!

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