Missing pony

Ponies grazing Alners Gorse reserve.
Ponies grazing Alners Gorse reserve. Photo: Daniel Greenwood.

One of our four ponies has gone missing (on Tues 20 Aug) from our Alners Gorse Reserve. We are appealing to anybody who visited Alners on Tues 20 or Wed 21 August to let us know if they saw the ponies and if so, whether they saw three or four. Also whether anything suspicious was seen. Please use our Contact Form to let us know.

The ponies do a great job of helping us look after the Reserve and we have a team of ‘Pony Lookers’ to keep an eye on them. All four were seen on Tuesday morning, but by Wednesday one could not be found, despite no signs of a break-out anywhere.

A track leading through gates, down a hill between trees

Entrance to Alners Gorse Reserve. Photo: Lyn Pullen

Nigel Spring wrote a great article about the ponies, which was published in our Autumn 2018 newsletter.

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