Pink and Gild hawkmoth on a matching pink Lily

Elephant Hawkmoth. Photo: Mark Pike

photo showing the grey face and red legs and antennae of a Hawkmomoth

Poplar Hawkmoth, Photo: Mark Pike

Mark took beautiful study photos of these two hawkmoths in his Motcombe garden on 3/08/19 and says:

A superbly matching pair of a type of Lily (no idea what sort it is?) in the garden along with an Elephant Hawkmoth and a Poplar Hawkmoth doing a convincing impression of a large spider!

The matching flower is possibly a variety of Calla Lily.

One thought on “Elephant and Poplar Hawkmoths, Motcombe

  1. david wills

    wow! love the camouflage idea of the elephant hawk moth & the incredible detail in the eye & face of the poplar hawk moth which brings home to me how delicate & vulnerable these beautiful insects are-its almost human when you look in close up & with such detail.any camera tips?


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