Butterfly bonanza!

Two brown butterflies mating
Meadow Browns mating. Photo: Becky Williamson

Dom Greves has been looking at the statistics generated by the butterfly sightings sent in to this website, and has found generally good news.

What an extraordinary month! More than 36,000 butterflies reported in July, more than double our previous monthly record: see the full details on the records archive page.

We’re up more than 70% on last year’s total at this point: See the This year vs last year page

On this page you can see that the big winners this year include:

  • Brimstone
  • Marbled White
  • Meadow Brown (already more than double last year’s total)
  • Orange Tip
  • Painted Lady
  • Purple Hairstreak
  • Silver-studded Blue

Although the Small Tortoiseshell is not looking so good.

Side view of a butterfly with orange, brown and cream colouring

Small Tortoiseshell. Photo: Penny Hawes

Speckled Wood, Common Blue and Lulworth Skipper have some catching up to do, but there is still time for their figures to increase.

We only know this because of the records you send in, so thank you very much, and please keep them coming. All records are welcome, but especially those where none have been received for the last five years: see our White Holes page to identify these.

Please note the statistics are drawn only from records sent to the website; a more thorough analysis will be undertaken at the end of the year, incorporating all records, including those from butterfly monitoring (transect) walks, which are more scientifically valid.

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