We need some computer-based help

small rosy red moth with black markings on upper forewings
Rosy Footman. Photo: Mark Pike

As the Dorset Branch of Butterfly Conservation, we receive a lot of fantastic shots of butterflies and moths and like to show them in our Gallery. At the height of the season the load gets to be a bit much for one person, so we’re looking for another to help out.

The work involves using WordPress software to take the photos sent in by email and put them up in the Gallery, with a bit of accompanying text. A bit of butterfly knowledge would be useful, but most pictures come in with a note saying what they are, and if they don’t, we often ask the sender for the identification of the butterfly to make sure we aren’t mis-identifying it: some photos make it easy, others do not! There are plenty of people behind the scenes to advise you.

If you haven’t used WordPress software, it isn’t difficult, especially as you only need worry about some of the options it gives you. Written instructions will be provided and we should be able to manage a one-to-one session with you if needed. The ability to email with the senders of the photos is needed, as it is a way of building a relationship with people who can help us in our quest to help butterflies and moths.

We are thinking of possibly a week-on, week-off rota, so it wouldn’t take up all your time. Initially, we are just thinking of the summer months, but there may be other computer tasks you can help with over the winter.

If you think you might be able to help, please contact Lyn Pullen via the enquiry form.

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