purple and charcoal butterfly with wings open

Purple Hairstreak. Photo: Paul Swann

brown bitterfly with white lines on wings as in a W and orange spots on hind wings

White-letter Hairstreak. Photo: Paul Swann

On 1/07/19 Paul visited Alners Gorse and tells us:

Literally my first purple hairstreak of the year and probably wont get a better view all summer than this one nestled in the grass below the Elm hedge.

Also in the afternoon when the sun finally came out,one of 4 White -letter Hairstreaks nectaring on the bramble.

Paul must have been very pleased as it’s not often you see a  Purple Hairstreak with open wings.

Alners Gorse is a great reserve for the four Hairstreaks we can see in Dorset. Green, Purple, White-letter and Brown emerging in that order from May through to August.

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