Buddleia butterflies coming out

Orange butterfly with a lot of black and yellow marks, plus blue dots round the edge
Small Tortoiseshell. Photo: Dave Law

We have had some comments about the lack of butterflies this year, which isn’t true statistically, but we agree the species we see in our gardens have been lacking recently.

However, Dave Law sends us heartening news.He sent us the photo above and says:

Offspring of the overwintered Small Tortoiseshell now starting to emerge [04/07/2019] . This was one of eleven I saw flying in the nettle beds at the base of Duncliffe Wood.  Also several nests of fully developed Peacock larvae were seen.

Hopefully we will soon start seeing these species plus the Red Admiral and Comma investigating our buddlieas. Do tell us what you see via our reporting form and send your photos to our Gallery page. We do not receive nearly as many photos of the common species as we do the rare ones, which is a shame: they are all beautiful.

One thought on “Buddleia butterflies coming out

  1. Ann Barlow

    Well, I’m sad to say that around here things are looking pretty desperate. We live in Corfe Mullen, on the very edge of the green belt, where lots of homes have medium sized gardens, there are also woods and fields. Whilst I have seen loads of Meadow Browns, and recently a few whites, others are in very short supply. I walk for half an hour to an hour each day, and my walk passes quite a few Buddliea bushes in gardens. I have inspected each one I pass each day and have yet to see a single butterfly of any sort on any bush!! I do see a few speckled woods along the lanes, and for the first time ever this year, have seen 2 fritillaries (I think either dark green or silver washed) but almost no caterpillars of any kind. Scary. Very scary.


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