White butterfly with a small black spot on each forewing and black tips to them

Small White. Photo: Brian Arnold

Taken by Brian at Durlston Country Park on 27/05/2019

The common species of butterfly are as important as the rare ones: please record them via our sightings page, and, when you can, photograph them – and send your photos in to us. We use pictures on this website, in our newsletter, for publicity etc., so having a good selection to choose from is very useful. Probably the least well represented species are the Large, Small and Green-veined White, and the Meadow Brown and Gatekeeper; even the Large and Small Skippers miss out. So get out with your cameras and get shooting – we can’t guarantee we will put all of them in the Gallery, but they will be kept and used as needed, always attributing them to the photographer, of course.

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