First Sightings

Bright yellow butterfly on paler yellow primroses
Brimstone male. Photo: James Gould

Have you found the page of this website which shows you which butterflies are on the wing?Our Sightings Summary page shows this, plus:

  • How many butterflies have been reported to the website so far this year.
  • How many species are out.
  • The top butterflies seen in numerical terms – the Brimstone is winning so far at 27% of the records, followed by the Peacock at 17%. The Small Tortoiseshell, about which we have concerns, only manages 3%.
  • A species count, so you can see, for example, that 14 Clouded Yellows have been reported.
  • The date of the first sighting of each butterfly

It is really worth exploring the links on the ‘Recording’ page of the site – it’s amazing what you can find out!

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