Paint Dorset yellow!

Map with coloured dots showing where Brimstones seen

Half of Dorset seems to be lacking Brimstones! We are sure this is not really the case, but we are in the last year of the current five-year recording cycle and half the kilometre squares in the County are not showing any records as you can see in the map – the ‘white holes’ are places where no Brimstone has been recorded in the last four years.

The male Brimstone is one of the easiest butterflies to spot: you can even identify it as you drive past, so please could you keep an eye out for it and send in your sightings via our online recording form.

Brimstone nectaring on a Camellia

Brimstone male. Photo: Shona Refoy

The female is not so easy from a distance, being white, but closer up, her wing shape is very distinctive. Her wings can actually take on quite a green tinge at times, so don’t let that confuse you.

Butterfly with an almost green tinge to its white wings

Brimstone female. Photo: Ken Dolbear

Help us fill Dorset with Brimstones!

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