side view of a Small Copper with wings partially closed resting on a leaf

Small Copper. Photo: Dave Law

Dave tells us:


A quick walk along the riverbank of Sturminster meadow on 19/8 /18. No sign of any second brood Small Tortoiseshell larval nests but came across two male Small Coppers battling for a territory.  The winner then posed nicely for a picture.  Also flying were Common Blues.

There are typically 2 or 3 generations each year, depending on the weather, with 4 generations in extremely good years. The first adults emerge in May, occasionally at the end of April, with the last adults being seen around the middle of October.

2 thoughts on “Small Copper, Sturminster Newton

  1. Malcolm Hull

    Saw two Small Coppers today at Alners Gorse. These looked slightly faded, so are probably late individuals from the summer brood. Wood (2016) writing about the butterflies of Herts and Middx records three broods each year, the first from mid-April until late June, the second from late June until early September and the third from late August until the end of October. Peak numbers overall are recorded on the second brood, with the third just behind and the first brood with only half the number of individuals as the other two. On some dry heathland sites numbers peak on the third brood in late September

    1. Lynda Lambert Post author

      Thank you for the comment.I used a different guide to which is the one I usually use and the information differed.The text will now be edited


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