Second brood Dingy Skippers

Brian Arnold sent us the above photo, taken on 14 August. Dingy Skippers are usually around in May and June

but do seem to be increasingly having second broods in Dorset. These second broods are normal on the continent .

This year we have had them recorded in numerous places: on transect walks at Fontmell Down and Ryewater (both north Dorset) and records sent to this website from Chard Junction Gravel Pits, Eype undercliff and Ringstead Bay (all in south Dorset).

It seems likely that global warming is the cause, and maybe our Dingy Skippers will become two-brooded, as on the continent.

If you see a late Dingy Skipper, please try to get a photograph of it and send it in to our Gallery Page. Bill Shreeves, our Records Officer, would like to examine whether there are any visible differences between the first and second broods.

Beware confusing them with moths which may be on the wing, particularly the Burnet Companion moth, which Brian had photographed in the past.

Brown moth with paler markings in among some grass

Burnet Companion moth. Photo: Brian Arnold

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