view of a Purple Hairstreak resting on a leaf dring out after being rescued from a paddling pool

Purple Hairstreak. Photo: Brian Arnold

view of a Purple Hairstreak dring out on a leaf after being resued from a paddling pool. wings wide open

Purple Hairstreak. Photo: Brian Arnold

Brian noticed this Purple hairstreak on 6/08/18 in his garden at Harman’s Cross and tells us:

Our paddling pool was full of water today and we have been sitting with our feet in the water to cool off.

This Purple Hairstreak decided to take a bath (a female I think), and had I not been there to remove it from the water it probably would not have survived.

I sat it on a bramble close to the pool to dry out, and in return it sat patiently drying itself and allowing me to take some photos. As you can see it was not in the best of condition, probably already quite worn.

A few minutes later it flew off and up into the oak trees, hopefully to lay eggs for the next brood.

Well that sort of thing doesn’t happen every day, well done Brian!

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