view of a pair of Silver-washed Fritillaries mating on the tip of a grass

Silver-washed Fritillaries, Mating. Photo: Brian Arnold

Brian saw these mating Silver-washed Fritillaries in his garden at Harman’s Cross on 9/07/18 and says:

Our lawn is now “Awash” with Silver-washed Fritillaries. This pair were mating, and not sitting still!. They were doing it in the Apple trees, on the Buddleia, on the Brambles, and even in the Pampas Grass by our pond – see photo. They flitted from one plant to another – quite a sight – large and cumbersome flight as they flitted from perch to perch, and occasionally high up into the Oak trees. Hopefully they will produce more Silver-washed Fritillaries in our garden for next year.

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