It’s time for the Big Butterfly Count!

Sir David Attenborough holding a Big Butterfly Count recording form

The Big Butterfly Count just asks for 15 minutes of your time, to help Butterfly Conservation record butterflies all over the UK. It’s simple: just sit in your garden or somewhere outside, preferably on a sunny day (we’ve had one or two of those recently!) and record how many butterflies of each species you see. You can do more than one count if you wish – just move to a different location.

As Sir David Attenborough says, we don’t sit  for fifteen minutes very often these days, and it can be “surprisingly pleasant”, so give it a go and help yourself as well as butterflies.

Red Admiral sharing a buddleia flower stalk with the much bigger Silver-washed Fritillary

Red Admiral and Silver-washed Fritillary. Photo: Harold Gillen

You can download an app to allow you to directly record your sightings via your phone, or you can make notes and input your records via the Big Butterfly Count website, where you can also find more details.

Please do not record your Big Butterfly Count sightings on this website as well: the results of the national count come to us in due course, so we want to avoid duplication. Last year, we received sightings of 19,884 butterflies via the Big Count, so let’s see if we can break the 20,000 this year!


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