15 species seen at Stoborough

Blue butterfly with black line then white fringe round edges of wings.
Silver-studded Blue. Photo: Mike Skelton.

Tony Long tells us about a walk near Wareham.

A walk run by Butterfly Conservation in conjunction with the National Trust and the “Dorset’s Heathland Heart” Back from the Brink Project was held at Sunnyside, Stoborough Heath on Wednesday 11 July. Eleven people attended including two representatives of Back from the Brink. The target species were Silver-Studded Blue and Grayling which were both seen although the former were in limited numbers. It seems that they were out much earlier this year than normal – they had been seen at nearby Arne from 6th June – and were therefore almost at an end here. A total of 15 species were seen:- Large & Small Skipper, Brimstone, Large, Small & GVWhites, S.S Blue, Peacock, Comma, S.W. Fritiilary, Speckled Wood, Grayling, Gatekeeper, Meadow Brown and Small Heath. We also saw several dragonflies and a common lizard.

Underside of a butterfly with drab underwings but some orange on the upperwing and an eyespot

Grayling. Photo: Mark Pike

It was very hot walking along the old clay extraction track between high hedges but became more bearable on the  heath where a pleasant breeze was keeping it cool. As species seem to be appearing earlier these days it would perhaps be more beneficial in future to have this walk in the first week of July.

The photos above are from our archive, not taken on the walk.



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