view of a Silver -studded Blue nectaring on a pink flower bud

Silver-studded Blue. Photo: Harold Gillen

Harold tells us:

Saw on the web site that the Silver-Studded Blues were out. So went and checked my local site on Sandford heath and found 5. What a treat and it is my birthday!

What a great birthday present Harold, so much better than a pair of socks!

This delightful butterfly is found in close-knit colonies, with individuals rarely flying any distance. Most colonies contain less than a thousand adults. However, a few colonies are huge, with the number of adults measured in tens of thousands, providing an amazing spectacle. Most colonies of this species are found in southern England, although there are several other notable colonies in the east of England and Wales. With the exception of a single site at Prees Heath in Shropshire, this butterfly is absent from central and northern England, Scotland, Ireland and the Isle of Man.

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