view of a Burnet Companion moth in grass with wings open showing details on  uppersides of all wings

Burnet Companion moth. Photo: George McCabe

George went to the water reservoir at Sutton Poyntz on 22/5/18 and found this daytime flying moth, a Burnet Companion. He tells us:

I only went there because the wife saw lots of blue butterflies yesterday while walking the dogs, turned out to be Adonis Blues, the lesson of the day listen to the wife.

Good advice George!

This is a very brightly coloured moth, which looks very different in flight due to the underwings being orange/yellow with brown markings. It flies in both sunshine or warm overcast weather and can be easily disturbed .

Flight times are Mid May-early July in one generation. It has a wide variety of habitats and the caterpillar foodplants are clovers, vetches, Birds -foot -Trefoil, Black Medick and Lucerne.

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