Butterfly Sightings

view of a Brimstone nectaring on primroses
Brimstone. Photo: Elaine Townsend

How’s this for camouflage? When a male Brimstone is flying, you wouldn’t think it could possibly disappear, but put it among some foliage and you find it can. The Brimstone is the most reported (to this website) butterfly over the last 14 days, with 17 being seen at once at Badbury Rings on 20 April. The number of all butterflies so far reported this year is 1,123.

You can see this information and much more on our Recent Sightings page. There is even a map showing all the reports sent in recently, so you can check whether a species has been seen near you.

We need you to record as many of the butterflies you see as possible, even the common ones. It gives us very valuable data to help us assess how the various species are faring and to help those who need it. Use our Butterfly Recording Form page to send them in.

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