View of a Small Copper showing blue spots resting opper hind-wings, resting on a leaf

Small Copper, abb. Photo: Andy Martin

view of a Small Copper wwwwwith open wings, eresting on an non flowering plant

Small Copper. Photo: Andy Martin

Andy photographed the top Small Copper abb. butterfly at Southbourne on 24/04/18 , and the one above at Ulwell on 25/04/18.

He tells us he saw two at Southbourne , both showing the blue spots on the upper hind-wings which is he says a common aberration. At Ulwell he found nine Small Coppers in the space of an hour, and none of them had the blue spot aberration.

He has been checking both sites weekly since mid March and his first sighting of this butterfly was on 24/04/18.

All the early butterflies we expect to see, apart from those coming out of hibernation, are late this year due to the cold ,and often wet weather. For those who record butterflies it is a mixture of joy and relief when the first ones are seen, especially after a bad year for butterfly numbers generally.

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