Butterfly Conservation science newsletter now out

Line of streetlights beside a paved area

We are delighted that the national Butterfly Conservation charity is now publishing its more scientific news twice a year online: Butterfly Conservation Science News.

The very interesting first edition looks at:

  • Why Modelling Matters: Prof Tome Brereton explains the developments which are improving analysis of butterfly monitoring data.
  • The Dark Side:  Richard Fox investigates the impact of artificial light at night on moth populations.
  • Heath Fritillary Hanging On: Dr Caroline Bulman reviews the current status and new research challenges for the species.
  • Cold Comfort For Butterflies: Richard Fox reviews the evidence around butterfly mortality and the weather.

It also introduces one member of the team behind Butterfly Conservation’s science work: Dr Emily Dennis, and points you at the scientific publications which can be accessed via Butterfly Conservation’s website.

Highly recommended!

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