Thank You!

Brown and orange butterfly on a buttercup flower
Meadow Brown. Photo: Mark Pike

We would like to send very grateful thanks to all our butterfly and moth recorders. In 2017, you sent in records of 36,905 butterflies of 46 species to the website alone!

Add in the transect walks on 50+ sites which take place 26 times in the year, plus all the other recording streams, and you are helping us put together a very valuable collection of information on Dorset’s lepidoptera.

The top butterfly recorded on the website was the Meadow Brown. To see how the rest of the species featured, have a look at our Sightings Summary for 2017. This page also shows you the dates of first sightings, flight times and numbers of each species reported.

There is a lot of work going on behind the scenes, sorting out the whole of the 2017 data, and there will be four meetings early in 2018 to report back on what your recording is telling us: see our Events page for details.

Who is going to report the first butterfly of 2018 in Dorset? Watch this space!

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