Back From the Brink and the Barberry Moth

Barberry Carpet Moth
Barberry Carpet Moth. Photo: Ian Hughes

The Barberry Carpet Moth suffered from the eradication of its food plant, Common Barberry, due to it being host to the wheat rust fungus. There are now rust-resistant wheat varieties, but almost too late for the moth. There are thought to be just ten populations of this moth left in the UK, mostly in Wiltshire, but also in Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire and Dorset.

‘Back From the Brink’ is one of the most ambitious conservation projects ever undertaken, bringing together many conservation organisations to save 20 species of fauna and flora, including the Barberry Moth.

Barberry Carpet Moth.

Barberry Carpet Moth in the hand. Photo: Ian Hughes

Locally, Fiona Haynes has been appointed to work on saving the moth in North Dorset and North Wiltshire, planting 750 Barberry plants this winter alone with the help of various landowners, organisations and individuals, to try and expand the area covered by the moth.

More information, including how to help, can be found on the Back From the Brink website.

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