Help needed stuffing and cake making

Covers of forthcoming newsletter and events list

Perhaps that should be “cake making and stuffing” as you usually do them in that order, but in this case the stuffing is of newsletters into envelopes!

Newsletter Stuffing. We will be stuffing the Dorset Branch Newsletters on Dec 14th, at Manor Yard. Whether it is morning or afternoon depends on who is willing to come when, so please email Adrian ( to offer your services, and he can sort it out from there. It doesn’t usually take more than three hours – less if we aren’t too distracted by the tea and chocolate biscuits on offer and the chance to talk to fellow butterfly enthusiasts.

Cake Making. 2018 marks 50 years of Butterfly Conservation and 30 years of the Dorset Branch. To celebrate this double anniversary, we hope to have a Big Butterfly Cake at our AGM on 24th February. We know we have many expert bakers among our members and are wondering if there is anyone who would like to bake the cake. We can reimburse you for the ingredients. If you are interested please use this website’s contact form to let us know.

Thank you.

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