side on view of Silver-striped Hawkmoth showing the lovely shape and pattern of the wings

Silver-striped Hawk-moth. Photo: Chris Griffin

view of Silver-striped Hawkmoth showing top of forewings and underwings

Silver-striped Hawk-moth. Photo: Chris Griffin

Chris travelled from his home in Somerset especially to photograph this Silver-striped Hawk-moth found at Weston on Portland on 20/09/17.

This is an immigrant moth which has two generations, May-October though it is usually moths from the second generation which reach  the UK occurring from August.

The beautiful pattern and colour of this large moth, forewing 33-35 mm, and the prominent eyes make for a super experience for anyone lucky enough to see one. It flies from dusk and visits nectar flowers as well as Ivy. A good reason not to cut back flowering ivy  before the end of Autumn.

It has a variety of foodplants abroad and is resident on the north coast of Africa from where it colonises southern Europe each summer producing up to two generations from May-October.

In the UK , most immigrants have been recorded along the south coast,  where the largest annual total in 1885 was 41. Since then numbers have been much less with  a total of 14 recorded in 1963

Many thanks to Chris of Griffin Wildlife Photography for sending us these photos so that we can all enjoy this stunning moth.

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