Next stuffing date 19 October

Two orangs and white butterflies on a yellow flower
Duke of Burgundy butterflies mating. Photo: Mark Pike

Could you help stuff newsletters into envelopes on 19 October? Helping the paid staff at Butterfly Conservation Headquarters frees their time to work to help butterflies and moths, like the beautiful ones pictured.

Your help would be very much appreciated.

The office is between East Lulworth and Coombe Keynes, near Wool, which is west of Wareham.

Map showing Butterfly Conservation Headquarters

You are assured of a warm welcome and plenty of tea and biscuits!

If you have any queries, contact them on 01929 400209 or email

The butterflies in the picture are Duke of Burgundy, which are the focus of the “Dorset Dukes Project”. Dukes have been doing poorly in Dorset in recent years, so the project aims to maintain the existing colonies and enable them to expand.


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