Help Butterfly Conservation while you shop

Picture of the Give As You Live website

There is an easy way of giving money to Butterfly Conservation, but use it carefully to get the best results.The basics are easy: just sign up to The participating stores will give a percentage of what you spend with them to the charity of your choice. Nearly £7,000 has been raised for BC over time, but only 730 people are signed up to it, which is not many out of a membership of well over 30,000.

It’s a great scheme, but watch the small print: not all stores give equally.

For example, Minerva Crafts don’t seem to be a very big company, but give 3.5%; similarly, Two Wests and Elliott (Garden equipment – Elliott is the dog!) give 3%. Holland and Barrett give 5%. Amazon, for all its size, only give 1.5% and there are other ways they avoid giving more than they have to.

One way to remember to use Give As You Live (GAYL)is to set up their ‘donation reminder’, which will bring up a reminder when you go into a store, and allow the donation mechanism to be turned on with a single click. Most stores seem to allow this, but Amazon doesn’t. You have to remember to go into Amazon via the GAYL website to activate the donation.

There is more… Amazon will not give a donation if the item is on your Wish List, is in your basket before you got to GAYL, or if you have sent off one order than do another: you have to go back through GAYL again. Further, purchases paid for with an Amazon gift card are not eligible, nor those made via the Amazon mobile app – the purchase must be via your internet browser.

E-bay isn’t too good either: 0.75% average, they don’t allow the donation bar and purchases via their mobile apps don’t count. B & Q sinks to 0.5%.

If you want to check the stores you use, go to the GAYL website and put their name in, then look under ‘Important Information’.

It’s still a great scheme – please use it!

Happy Shopping!

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