Fancy some stuffing?

Group of four people round a table, one standing
Volunteer stuffing team. Photo: Lyn Pullen

The lovely people at Butterfly Conservation’s Headquarters near East Lulworth need some help on 28 September and later dates.

There are 30-odd branches of Butterfly Conservation, most of which send out newsletters by post, which is obviously expensive, and it is preferable that the money is put to conservation work. It is a lot cheaper if the newsletters can be franked (rather than have stamps put on the envelopes), which can be done at HQ. However, that means someone has to stuff the various newsletters into envelopes and stick address labels on to the envelopes, before they can be franked and go out.

There are a lot of newsletters going out over the next month or two, so could you spare a little time to help? The welcome is always good and tea and biscuits are provided.

If you want to be contacted when newsletters need stuffing, please email and tell them.

We know they need help on 28th September, starting around 10.00am, for a start, so check your diary and see if you can do your bit.

By the way – if you are a Dorset Branch member and would be willing to receive your newsletter online rather than by post, it would help us save money. Please contact us via our online enquiry form.

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