It’s the Big Butterfly Count!

Picture of Sir David Attenborough standing among flowers
Sir David Attenborough launches the Big Butterfly Count 2015, at London Wetland Centre, on 17 July 2015.

This fantastic and fun citizen science effort is with us again. It only takes 15 minutes, so please join in.

Click here so Nick Baker can tell you how to do the count and send in the results.

The idea is that you go out into your garden, or a park, or the countryside when there is a bit of sunshine and sit and watch for butterflies for 15 minutes. You can do more than one count if you want, in a different place. You can do this any time between 14 July and 6 August.

Four Small Tortoiseshells on buddleia flower spikes

Small Tortoiseshells on buddleia. Photo: Richard Gillingham.

There is full information on the Big Butterfly Count website.

If you report your Dorset sightings to the Big Butterfly Count website, they will be sent to us at the end of the year, so you do not need to put them into our sightings page as well.

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