Dukes out early

Duke of Burgundy showing underwing
Duke of Burgundy. Photo: Adrian Read

The Duke of Burgundy is already on the wing. Adrian Read sent us a couple of photos for our Gallery taken on 29 April, and commented they were earlier than he’d ever know them.

This caused us to search back through the records to find these were the first sightings notified to this website:

  • 2016       13 May
  • 2015       12 May
  • 2014       3 May
  • 2013       22 May
    (though we weren’t getting so many records into the website back then, so it might be a lack of recording rather than a really late emergence)

The Duke is a very rare butterfly in Dorset these days, and the Cerne Giant Hill is the only place with public access to see it. If you go, please stick to the footpaths so you do not damage the habitat.

You can see some more photos of it on our Species page.




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