Bumper butterfly day

Greeny yellow butterfly well camouflaged under a leaf
Brimstone. Photo: Andrew Cooper

The warmth and sunshine on Saturday 18th February brought in reports of 13 butterflies.Brimstones won hands-down, with nine being reported from locations as diverse as Merley (near Wimborne), Pimperne (near Blandford) and Higher Hyde Heath (near Wool). Peacocks scored two: one so far west it was almost in Devon, at Chard Junction Gravel Pits Nature Reserve, and one at Sandford Heath, on the edge of Wareham. The last two were a tie with one each: Red Admiral and Comma.

Red Admiral. Photo: Dave Law

Red Admiral. Photo: Dave Law 7 Feb 2017

It is also worthy of note tht we had a Painted Lady reported on 16th February, in Parkstone, Poole.

The whole of January saw reports of 10 butterflies, mainly Red Admirals. February has already managed twice that, and with more ‘warm’ weather forecast, keep your eyes peeled for more sightings.

Please report what you see via our Sightings Page and if you can manage a photo, that would brighten up our Gallery.

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