E-moth newsletter out

Cream-spot tiger moth with wings fully open, showing the orange with black dots underwings

The national E-moth newsletter Jan 2017 is out.  Some fascinating statistics from it:

There are now 20.9 million macro-moth records in the NMRS database; 621,587 more records than we reported in September’s E-moth. We still have a further 18 vice-county datasets to import and it is only a matter of weeks until verified 2016 data will start to flood in from County Moth Recorders! Records in the Radford’s Flame Shoulder (Martin Cade)
NMRS database go back 300 or so years. The year when the greatest number of macro-moth records was generated was 2010 when an incredible 1,313,057 records were gathered

If you would like to help by contributing records of the moths you see, visit www.dorsetmothgroup.info .  A useful hint for using their website – if you are searching for a specific moth, go to the tab which says ‘Page index’. It’s also worth investigating the ‘Common species’ tab, as this is actually common species likely to be on the wing at the moment – a very useful aide to identification. If you like to report your records online, you can use either iRecord or Living Record.Save



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