Painted Lady Caterpillars

Painted Lady caterpillar. Photo: Dave Law

Dave Law brings us this exciting news: “A walk along the Dorset coast from Ringstead Bay to Durdle Door revealed the offspring of the Painted Lady feeding on thistles . Virtually every clump revealed near fully grown larvae.  Prepare for a summer emergence in the next 2-3 weeks!”

Painted Lady with open wings on a thistle.

Painted Lady. Photo: Peter Lister.

If you see the adult butterflies, please do report them to us via our sightings page. The photo above, from 2012,  reminds you what these migrant butterflies look like.



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    1. Lyn Pullen Post author

      Our contributors use a variety of cameras, from compacts to high-range SLRs. A lot of the success is in knowing where to find the butterflies!


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