Great new visualisations of our butterfly records

Data visualisation

We now have some super-colourful charts to give you an idea of what the butterfly records you send in to the Dorset Branch of Butterfly Conservation website show.

Go to our Recent Sightings page for:

  • The most reported species of the last week
  • Latest records – every butterfly as reported to us
  • Flight times – not capable of differentiating between different broods in the same season, but a brilliant visual check of what has come out and what is still on the wing
  • Recording activity
  • Total number of butterflies seen so far this year.

The technical work to create these charts is carried out by Dominic Greves, to whom we send our very greatful thanks. We also thank the hard-working verifiers, who check that the records sent in are credible, and, of course, you for sending in the records!

Enter your butterfly sightings on our Recording Form

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