Two more species out in Dorset

Peacock on a brown leaf with its wings open
Peacock. Photo: Brian Arnold

We now have six species reported in Dorset in 2016, and surprisingly, we have an earlier sighting of a Small White than a Peacock.To date:

3 Jan – Painted Lady seen in West Dorset on the Sadborow Estate.

6 Jan- Red Admiral and Small Tortoiseshell recorded in Upton Country Park and Dorchester respectively.

17 Jan – Brimstone noted on Lydlinch Common in North Dorset

10 March – Small White recorded in Swanage

11 March – Peacock: two seen in East Howe, Bournemouth.

Painted Lady butterfly with outstretched wings on short grass

Painted Lady. Photo: Andrew Cooper.

Keep your records coming – it’s good for us to have an idea of how many butterflies are being seen at times when they are not common, so we can see if this is changing. It’s easy to enter your sighting on our Recording form .


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