Pony ‘lookers’ wanted

Ponies grazing Rooksmoor
Ponies grazing Rooksmoor. Photo: Nigel Spring

Reserves manager Nigel Spring requests your help to monitor our ponies at Alners Gorse and Rooksmoor in north Dorset.

The 5 ponies which graze our reserve at Alners Gorse and our neighbours’ land at Rooksmoor have been doing a wonderful job this year, and we greatly appreciate the efforts of our team of 4 ‘lookers’ who check them daily on a regular rota.

We would very much like to add to our team, so that 6 out of the 7 days each week are covered, and wonder if you could help us if you live locally?

The task is not an onerous one and you do not need to be a pony expert to do it! Obviously we will give you an induction session to explain what is involved.

We need to know that the ponies are where they are supposed to be, that they all seem to be well, and that they have enough water.

Each visit will probably take an hour if the herd is on our reserve, perhaps one and a half hours if they are on Rooksmoor next door.

If you think you can help, please email Nigel Spring: [email protected]

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