Help us fill the butterfly recording gaps

We’ve got some places where no butterflies have been reported in the last five years, and we’d like your help filling these gaps.

A map of Dorset with coloured dots showing where butterflies were reported from 2010 to 2014.

Map showing where butterflies were reported 2010-2014 – the white holes are where we need you to look

If you see any butterflies in these “white holes” please report them via our online sightings form.

For more information, and to see the map on Google Earth, go to our White Holes page.

Please don’t think these are the only butterflies we want recorded: we want to know about all the butterflies you see anywhere in Dorset. It is only by building up data on how various species are doing that we can work to help to ensure all these lovely creatures flourish.

The five years of recording represented by the map show that we managed to record in 81% of the kilometer squares in Dorset – a fantastic effort by our member and the public: thank you all very much.

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