Peacocks trying to hibernate

The Peacock is one of only a few of our native butterflies hibernates as an adult over the winter, so at this time of year it is looking for places to tuck itself away. We’ve had a couple of reports of Peacock hiding places – if you can add any, please email [email protected].

Lyn Pullen has found one in a stack of flower pots. She says:

I was potting up some plants, and retrieved a stack of black pots from my outside stash. I took the bottom one and poured some compost into it. As I did so, I glimpsed something in the pot, and my brain said ‘that was butterfly shaped’. I hastily tipped the (fortunately light) compost out, and an unharmed Peacock appeared – they are so dark with their wings closed that I hadn’t noticed him there.

Whether it was the same butterfly or not, a couple of days later Lyn found a Peacock outside her back door, looking as though it wanted to come in. She said:

It would have been most welcome, but houses are too warm for butterflies to hibernate in them – I moved it to somewhere better.

Peacock butterfly by back door

Peacock butterfly by back door

Brian Arnold reports:

We lit our woodburner for the first time last night, and a Peacock butterfly came out of the brick arch above the fireplace: it had gone in there for winter – I guess it must have thought that all its summers had come at once!

I put it at the top of the spiral staircase that leads to our roof – there are already several butterflies sitting up there on the walls for the winter; they come in through windows left open for the summer, and obviously like the stone internal walls up the spiral. Only thing is I have to make sure that when they wake next year that they can get out.

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