Butterflies defy the storm

After the recent storm [late October], you might think there would be no butterflies, but not so. We had three reports the next day:

Report One, from Brian Arnold:

I was quite surprised to see butterflies in my garden at Harman’s Cross today.Survivors of the storm – two Red Admirals and a Speckled Wood were flying aroundmy lawnclose to a huge branch from an oak tree that is lying on the ground after being blown down during the storm on Sunday night.

Red Admiral

Red Admiral. Photo: Brian Arnold

Report Two, from Bobby Knowles in Canford Magna:

After the gales and torrential deluge on Sunday night, it was a relief to wake up to a blue sky and sunshine yesterday morning. We were even more pleased to have two sightings of a Red Admiral during the day in our walled garden at Canford Magna (where we moved only two months ago.) Lacking Phil Grey’s acute observation skill, we cannot say whether this was the same butterfly coming to the late flowers twice, or two different butterflies. Some of you may remember that Phil could sometimes tell individual butterflies apart. Whichever it was, it is a tribute to a butterfly’s powers of endurance.

Report Three, from Lyn Pullen in Winfrith Newburgh:

The day after the storm we enjoyed quite a long spell of sunshine – and so did the Red Admirals. There were six in my garden, all nectaring on ivy flowers”, together with various flies and wasps. If you would like to see a photo, go to my blog: www.butterfliesandgardens.wordpress.com.

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