Second Swallowtail sighting

Another Swallowtail has been sighted, on 2 June, by eagle-eyed 8-year old Jess Nicholls, at Tilly Whim Caves, Durlston Country Park. Luckily Mum, Nicky, was able to get a photo on her phone – see below. Very big thanks to Jess and Nicky for getting the information to us.

Jess’ Grandad, Malcolm, sent us some further detail:

The weather at the time (c10.30hrs) was warm, approx 18C, with just a light NW breeze. The butterfly was first spotted by Jess at the entrance to Tilly Whim Caves. The Caves are approx 20m above sea level in an area of steep limestone cliffs with abundant thrift currently in full flower. The butterfly circled around this particularly warm and sheltered area for 20 seconds or so allowing all three of us to have good views before it moved a few yards to the west where it settled on some thrift adjacent to the coast path. It remained in this position for some 10 to 15 seconds allowing my daughter Nicky to take photographs on her iphone – I must say that I was rather surprised that it stayed in one place for so long and also that it allowed her to get so close. The Swallowtail then headed off to the west.


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