Help needed to put up tents at events

Dorset is a very active branch of Butterfly Conservation, attending many events through the Spring and Summer months to enthuse people about butterflies and moths. We find we increasingly have to take our own gazebo to these events, and this is getting to be a bit much for some of our volunteers who man the stall. We are therefore looking for help at events, to put the stall up at the beginning of the day and take it down at the end. It is probably a two-person job and you would need to be able to store the tent between events. We anticipate this will apply to about six events next year.

Whether you stay for the day or not will be up to you, but it does get you into places without paying and we can always do with another pair of hands….

If you think you can help, please contact Bridget de Whalley on 01258 880524 or e-mail

[email protected]

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