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75% of British butterflies and 66% of common moths have declined in living memory. Our efforts include conservation work, monitoring butterflies and moths, and raising awareness of the problems they face. There are lots of ways you can help.  Find out more

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An orange butterfly with black, brown and white markings on a green leaf
Duke of Burgundy. Photo: Donald Simcock

Dorset BC Walk at Telegraph Hill on Sunday 29th May 2022

A dozen of us met in the Dorset Council Hillfield car park to walk to the northwest facing slopes known as Telegraph Hill on a search for the Duke of Burgundy butterfly. Read more...

An orange butterfly with black, white and brown markings on white flowers
Painted Lady. Photo taken on 18 May: Stewart Balmain

More Painted Ladies

We had reports of 104 Painted Ladies to this website yesterday (19 May), which makes it seem possible that we are getting a large influx of these butterflies, so we are asking you whether you could do a timed count Read more...

Three orange-brown butterflies with black and white markings on the pink flowers of chives
Painted Lady. Photo: Maurice Budden

Painted Ladies coming?

Painted Lady butterflies are visitors to this country. Some years they only turn up in small numbers, but once in a while we get huge numbers. Read more...

Broad-bordered Bee Hawkmoth. Photo: Mike Robinson

Too many notifications?

If you are signed up to be sent an email if we put up a new photo or news item, our apologies for the deluge of notifications which came through today. Read more...

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Mark spotted this striking Emperor moth caterpillar which turns into an equally striking moth whilst at Hartland Moor on 11/06/22. The caterpillars appear from May РAugust, living in groups at first then often sitting alone and exposed by day. It will overwinter as a pupa  emerging as an adult moth April -late May . Read more...

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Species spotlight

Two butterflies on a seedhead, one showing blue upperwings and the other the patterned underwing See profile

Common Blue

  • Family: Blues
  • Size: Small  Wingspan: 35mm
  • Regional priority: Low

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