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Working to save Dorset's butterflies and moths

75% of British butterflies and 66% of common moths have declined in living memory. Our efforts include conservation work, monitoring butterflies and moths, and raising awareness of the problems they face. There are lots of ways you can help.  Find out more

Green butterfly on a bramble leaf
Green Hairstreak on a bramble leaf, showing how small it is. Photo: Shona Refoy

Last year of current recording cycle

The butterfly season is very much underway now, with 20 species reported to this website, including the Green Hairstreak and Dingy and Grizzled Skippers, but we need lots more records throughout 2019 as Read more...

view of a Peacock sunning on rocks with wings open wide
Peacock. Photo: Martin East

Avoiding duplicate recording

Thanks to everyone who has sent in butterfly records so far this year – we’ve heard about 1,582 butterflies of 17 species already – and that’s just via the website! We also gather records from: Read more...

view of a pair of mating Small Coppers
Small Coppers. Photo: Andy Martin

March butterflies take Dorset up to 15 species

Butterfly numbers still appear to be well up on last year. Read more...

A dead oak leaf rolled into a cylinder, held together with a web
Marsh Fritillary larval web in oak leaves. Photo: Nigel Spring

How do Marsh Fritillary larvae survive the cold?

Kathy Henderson has been keeping a watchful eye on some of the Marsh Fritillary larval webson the Butterfly Conservation Reserve at Alners Gorse Read more...

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view of a Small Copper aberration showing very palescream on right upper fore-wing
Small Copper. Abb. Photo: Andy Martin

Andy found this Small Copper aberration at Ulwell, on 11/04/19 Read more...

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