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Use the form below to record your sightings for a given site on one date. When you're done, please click the 'Submit Record' button.

If you experience any problems please contact support@dorsetbutterflies.com.

1. Basic Information

If you could give us your telephone number in case of a query that would be helpful. We will not share it with anyone outside the society.

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2. Site Information

Please enter EITHER a valid grid reference (use the map below) OR a full postcode for the place of the sighting(s).

Grid refs with two letters and at least four digits acceptable for common species (e.g. SY8084). Two letters and at least six digits required for rare species (e.g. SY805845).

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If you don't know the grid reference use the map below to drag & drop the 'pin' to the correct location.

UK Grid References
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Latitude / Longitude

3. Species Records

Please specify a record for each species. Use the drop-down boxes provided.

Butterfly Species Stage Number Seen Butterfly Species Stage Number Seen

Any butterfly species not listed can be recorded as 'Other' and details added in the 'Comments' box below.  Please report moth species to www.dorsetmothgroup.info


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Acknowledgements: Mapping tool created by Keith Balmer, as used on the Bedfordshire Natural History Society website.