Butterfly Sightings

We need as many sightings of butterflies and moths as possible - only by knowing where they are, and how they are doing, can we work to protect them. Sightings of common species are as important as those of rare ones.

Send us your sightings

You can use our Butterfly Recording form to report your sightings - it will help you find the map grid references needed:

Submit a sighting

Note: Moth sightings are handled by our partner organisation www.dorsetmothgroup.org.uk

Sightings data

The records you give us will be added to our database, and from there will feed into national databases.

We record on a five-year cycle, e.g. 2010-2014. If you like a treasure hunt, go to our White Holes page to see where we are in the cycle and where we need sightings.

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