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Painted Lady caterpillar. Photo: Karen Williams

Painted Lady caterpillar. Photo: Karen Williams

A wonderfully late find by Karen Williams of a Painted Lady caterpillar found in the car-park at Brandy Row, Chiswell on Portland on 11/10/2016. The butterfly, which is a migrant to Britain each year, is continuously brooded on the continent but here in the UK, the species is unable to survive our winters at any stage and so the butterflies will either die or make a return flight to North Africa.

Painted Lady Caterpillars

Painted Lady caterpillar. Photo: Dave Law

Dave Law brings us this exciting news: “A walk along the Dorset coast from Ringstead Bay to Durdle Door revealed the offspring of the Painted Lady feeding on thistles . Virtually every clump revealed near fully grown larvae.¬† Prepare for a summer emergence in the next 2-3 weeks!” Continue reading

Painted Lady at Okeford Fitzpaine

Painted Lady on white flower, so you can see its proboscis curling down into the flowers

Painted Lady. Photo: Caroline Stringer

Painted Lady on white flowers, taken from below and showing the underwings

Painted Lady. Photo: Caroline Stringer

Two very summery shots, taken on Okeford Fitzpaine recreation ground.

The Painted Lady is a migrant to this country and a few sightings of it are coming in; if you see one, please report it to our sightings page.