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view of a Tortoiseshell, Painted Lady and a Comma nectaring on Erysimum in a garden

A Medley of Butterflies. Photo: James Gould

James took this photo in his garden at Dorchester on 12/09/17

He tells us:

A good butterfly day in the garden today with the ubiquitous Whites being joined by Red Admirals, Small Tortoiseshell, a Painted Lady and a Comma. At one point, the Small Tortoiseshell, Painted Lady and Comma were all nectaring from the same plant.

The plant they are nectaring on is Erysimum, Bowles Mauve. A short-lived perennial, which flowers throughout a lot of the year in in the South, making it a valuable butterfly plant to grow in any garden soil.

View of Painted Lady with open wings nectaring on Buddleia

Painted Lady. Photo: Andrew Reekie

Andrew saw four or five  of these beautiful migrant butterflies on 02/08/2017  while walking the South East coast path at Portland.

Records show that whilst we can get reasonable numbers during good summers in the UK, about every 10 years we  experience a spectacle of many millions arriving to our shores. The last time this happened was 2009.

Side view of a Wall Brown

Wall Brown. Photo: Brian Arnold

Painted Lady with open wings

Painted Lady. Photo: Brian Arnold

Brian emailed us to talk about his butterfly count on 24/07/2017

“What a day today has been. I counted 17 species of butterfly in my garden today, including a Wall which I have never seen in my garden before.

The species I recorded were – Silver-washed Fritillary, Large White, Small White, Green-veined White, Meadow Brown, Ringlet, Wall, Gatekeeper, Comma, Small Copper, Brimstone, Large Skipper, Small Skipper, Painted Lady, Red Admiral, Peacock, and Speckled Wood. This totals one quarter of all British species.”

Painted Lady caterpillar. Photo: Karen Williams

Painted Lady caterpillar. Photo: Karen Williams

A wonderfully late find by Karen Williams of a Painted Lady caterpillar found in the car-park at Brandy Row, Chiswell on Portland on 11/10/2016. The butterfly, which is a migrant to Britain each year, is continuously brooded on the continent but here in the UK, the species is unable to survive our winters at any stage and so the butterflies will either die or make a return flight to North Africa.