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Forester Moth at Motcombe Meadows

Irridescent green moth on a leaf

Forester Moth. Photo: Mark Pike

Mark says: “fabulously fresh Forester moth, seen today (03/06/17) in Motcombe Meadows.”

The Forester is a day-flying moth, on the wing in June and July. Its caterpillar feeds on common sorrel or sheep’s sorrel. It is a declining species in the UK and afforded “Priority” status by Butterfly Conservation.

Ringlet aberration

A ringlet with no markings on the top wing, but just plain dark brown

Ringlet. Photo: Mark Pike

Ringlet underwings with no rings, only a few small white dots

Ringlet. Photo: Mark Pike

It’s good to have these shots immediately above the ‘normal’ Ringlets Mark photographed, to show the considerable difference to the aberration shown above. Mark saw this butterfly on 27 June at Motcombe Meadows, and thinks it is ab Arete but says it is rather unusual to have NO rings or dots on the upper wings.