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Brimstone and Clouded Yellow on the Weymouth Relief road cutting

Side view of a male yellow Brimstone clinging sideways to a leaf

Brimstone. Photo: George McCabe

Side view of a Clouded Yellow on a scabious flower

Clouded Yellow. Photo: George McCabe

It’s rather useful George caught these two on the same walk, as people new to butterflies can hear about the Clouded Yellow, then see a Brimstone and think they’ve seen one. As these shots show, the Brimstone is a lighter more acid yellow, and the wings are a very distinctive shape. You will rarely catch sight of the upper wings of either.

Taken on the Weymouth Relief Road cutting on 25/07/2017.

Brimstone. Photo: James Gould

Brimstone. Photo: James Gould

A Brimstone photographed during James Gould’s twelve mile walk on the 13/03/2017. James told us that despite walking the distance he saw no butterflies until he walked along the edge of Green Hill reserve (North of Hilton and Milton Abbas) where, within the space of ten metres he saw a Brimstone (see photo), a Comma and a Red Admiral!

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