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Purple Hairstreak at Alners Gorse

Purple Hairstreak, looking dark brown, with wings fully open

Purple Hairsteak. Photo: Richard Belding

The Purple Hairstreaks at our Alners Gorse Butterfly Reserve are being very obliging – it’s rare to be able to catch photos like this.Taken on 10/07/2017.

A photo of a Purple Hairstreak with open wings we published a few days ago looked quite purply-blue, so it’s interesting to see this one, which looks such a plain brown. It is presumably a female, though they usually have a purple streak on the forewing. The angle at which the photo is taken can make quite a difference.

Purple Hairstreak Alners Gorse

Greyis butterfly with white lines and an orange dot, on a leaf.

Purple Hairstreak. Photo: Malcolm Wemyss

Malcolm says: “Purple Hairstreaks have been really numerous on Alners Gorse, unusually descending from the oak canopy and settling around eye level. This has provided an unprecedented opportunity to take smartphone pictures, so here’s one on buckthorn.” Taken on 08/07/2017

White-letter Hairstreaks at Alners Gorse

White-letter Hairstreak on a bramble flower

White-letter Hairstreak. Photo: David Simmonds

Caught at our Alners Gorse Butterfly Reserve on 25/06/2017.

This butterfly is now quite rare, having been hit hard by Dutch Elm Disease: it’s caterpillars feed on elm. Alners Gorse is the only site in Dorset where you stand a good chance of seeing it, though we’d really like to hear of sightings in any other parts of Dorset.

OBE for Dr Martin Warren

A group of people walking towards the camera across grass
Martin Warren (far left) at Alners Gorse Butterfly Reserve

The Dorset Branch of Butterfly Conservation are delighted to see that Martin Warren, recently retired Chief Executive of Butterfly Conservation, has been awarded an OBE. Some people think this stands for ‘Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire‘; we think it’s for ‘Outstanding Butterfly Expert’! Continue reading